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My Dream Bathroom

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Before the munchkins came along and sucked away all of our spare money, the Other Half and I used to live in a little new build mid-terrace. It was small, but okay for us as a couple. Then, the girl came along and suddenly it was like we were living in a cardboard box.  We had to move.

Now, out of a sad situation came a lovely opportunity for my family and I to build a home together. As you know, my dad passed away six years ago, and his mum, my Grandma, passed away three years later. She made it to the grand old age of 93 and was able to meet her great granddaughter. Being an only child, I inherited her house and I chose to sell it in order to get a deposit for our forever home.

The Other Half and I are very fortunate to live in a picturesque little village called Ackworth in Yorkshire and we bought a four bedroomed detached house with fields to the back and side. However, we clearly viewed the property with rose tinted spectacles on as once we moved in we realised that A LOT of work needed to be done on the house. Every penny we had went into the house and every month a large proportation of our wages goes on the mortgage. We tell ourselves that eventually it will be worth it, but right now the house, the mortgage and my recent second maternity leave have crippled us.

One room in the house that particularly annoys me is the bathroom. Within the first week or so of moving in, the stand alone shower broke and I had to get a bath every morning before work which was time consuming and costly. The poor Other Half just stood in a cold shower every morning for five minutes for eighteen months. We have fixed the shower to an extent, but the tiles are dated, old and grubby as you can see. Mr Muscle can not shift that dirt no matter how hard I try.


We stand in this every morning! Eww!


I scrub the tiles weekly , but they still look grubby and old.

My ideal bathroom would be modern. I would love a walk in shower and want the shower head to be MASSIVE! I have always wanted a stand alone bath, but the practical Mum in me doesn’t know how suitable one would be with two small children.  However, any bath, whether it be a stand alone one, a corner one or just an acrylic one would be a million times better than this one.  It was sold to us by the previous owners as a ‘jacuzzi’ style bath, but the only bubbles I’ve seen have come from the girl after she has had one too many baked beans for tea…


Even poor Peppa has seen better days


Not even the retro VW picture can save this bathroom.

When it comes to decorating and interior design, I really have no idea so that’s why I have enjoyed looking at the websites and choosing my ideal bathroom suite and tiles.  Having looked at the bathroom suites on The Big Bathroom Shop, these are my favourites:

Of course, for every modern chic bathroom, there must be some awesome tiles too.  These are the ones I like from Tile Mountain

Follow Stacey’s board My Dream Bathroom on Pinterest.

As you can see, there is such a diverse range of suites and tiles out there for everyone.

I hope I haven’t grossed you all out with the pictures of my current bathroom!

*This is my entry for #mydreambathroom competition run by Big Bathroom Shop and Tile Mountain*

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