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How to Turn a Blind Eye to Sleep.

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A couple of months ago I admitted to my health visitor that I STILL could not get my boy to sleep in his room or cot; I promised her that as soon as the Christmas Holidays arrived, I would try and persevere with sleep training.

Well, the holidays have arrived.

As I begin to write this post, my son is standing in his cot and screaming. I am doing what was suggested by my health visitor and sitting by his cot silently in the dark.  Well, I say dark.  The current curtains we have in his room are just not cutting it and recently we have been looking into ordering some black out blinds.  In the past, I have been advised that if I want my almost one year old to sleep through the night, then his room must be dark.

Recently, bearing in mind, that the cold dark nights will soon be turning, once again, into lighter nights, I have been doing a little research into ways that I can help make my son’s room more sleep friendly.  We have painted it blue and added some rocket stickers to his wall.  He loves to reach out and touch a star sticker, but if I put him down and attempt a runner from the room, he crawls quickly after me!  There are teddies in his cot, toys in his room and a bunny rug on his carpet, but still he prefers it in bed with Mummy.  This may sound cute, but at 1am, 2am, 3am…when you are being kicked in the forehead with a foot or being woken up because you have a podgy baby finger lodged firmly in your right nostril, cute it isn’t.

Having conducted my research on ‘good sleep aids’ (and when I say research, I mean ‘Google’), I learnt that a baby’s room should be silent and dark.  So I started looking for some black out blinds.  Instantly, I found a fab website called VELUX and immediately looked at their blackout blind range.  Perfect, I thought, these will do.  But then it got better…

I found that VELUX Blinds also make Disney blackout blinds.  They don’t even have to be coloured black for them to work!  Who knew?  I really like the Mickey Mouse with the speech bubble for  my son’s room.  Just so I can write ‘JUST PLEASE GO TO SLEEP!’ in the speech bubble in thick black marker.  My thinking behind this: if Mickey says it – it’s cute!


I wouldn’t really write in the speech bubble – it would be tempting though…

I have also had a look for my daughter’s room.  At four years old, she is an okay sleeper – not great, but okay.  We have recently bought her a new wardrobe and desk for her bedroom as we want it to become a room where she can sit and play – a room she can make her own.  At the moment, most of her playing is done downstairs in the living room and at the end of each manic day, when all I want to do it go downstairs, drink a cuppa and watch TV, all I seem to do instead is trip up over Barbie and her numerous accessories, pick up jigsaw pieces and put lids on discarded pens.  I think the Disney Princess blind would be a perfect addition to my little lady’s room and who knows, if the room is decorated to suit her and her personality then she might stay upstairs long enough for me to watch one of my own programmes on Sky Plus rather than being made to sit through yet another ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Paw Patrol’ or ‘Ben and Holly’, (even if Nanny Plum may be the greatest character ever created…)


Could this Princess be the one to keep my own Princess in her room?

Now that my son is finally asleep (I caved in, picked him up and rocked him), wish me luck with coming weeks.  We may have the interiors sorted, but not the sleep.  Hopefully, with these new ideas for sleeping and with a little bit of grit and determination, my son may sleep through the night some time soon.


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