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My Blog Turns One and I’m Not Famous (but that doesn’t matter!)


Teaching Mum turned one in April.  According to my statistics, I have written and posted fifty blog posts and I suppose it’s a nice even number to round off the year.  Fifty posts in a year doesn’t sound bad to the non-blogging individual and when I scroll through my archived posts, it’s nice to remember the hidden little gems I had forgotten about.  However, upon entering this mysterious world of blogging, a place where you can grab a little piece of internet for yourself, I have learnt that fifty posts isn’t really that much; the majority of bloggers I have found myself mingling with in cyber space post three or four times a week.  I don’t even possess the amount of vocabulary needed to post that often.

In the last year, I have found myself lost in the Twitterverse with a thousand followers; wondered through Pinterest looking at and guffawing at perfect crafting ideas for children;  opened two Instagram accounts (one as me and one as the other me) and bugged friends, colleagues and family to ‘like’ my Facebook page.  For every post I add to my Facebook page, I post in numerous ‘blogging’ groups on there also.  I also Tweet the *New Post* ten times over and send messages to the Mummy Bibles that are Mumsnet, Netmums, Tots100 and  Britmums in the hope that they may read my posts, find me hilarious and put me on their front page.  The thing is though, there are thousands of bloggers on the internet and the majority of them are bloody fantastic.  They have better websites than me, they have blogging buddies, most (not all) have the wonderful gift of time and they execute excellent grammar skills. (Much to my annoyance because I thought my ability to use grammar correctly might give me that edge, but as it turns out, a lot of people know how to use grammar correctly because they were taught it at school – huh, who knew?)

To those wonderful people I know who have read my posts and indulge me in my dream of being a writer, thank you.  I can assure you that every time I press publish on a post and post on Facebook (where my actual real friends exist), I cringe and fill with self doubt.  Therefore your comments are always appreciated and I love that I can sometimes put a smile on your face.

Having spent three hours writing and editing Tunnel Vision last week, I felt somewhat demoralised by the fact that it was viewed by fifty-five people and I felt my blogging mojo slipping away from me.  In all honesty, I have found writing very difficult of late because I have had no stories to tell.  When I started writing, I wanted to have a niche.  I read countless blogs about how to wean your baby, about how to keep your baby safe, about whether to use dummies and whether a boob is better than a bottle.  That kind of writing just didn’t appeal to me because I didn’t want to give advice, I wanted to tell stories.  So that’s what I did.  The first few posts flowed easily because I had some stories to tell, I was on maternity leave and I was up at night feeding The Dude so I tapped and tapped away on my app.  The idea behind my writing  was that I wanted to highlight my imperfections; I wanted to show that being on maternity leave wasn’t all baby massage and drinking coffee so I wrote about how one afternoon was spent at the local tip and therefore ‘My Day Trip to the Tip’ became my first post.  No one knew that I had written it – I was anonymous and when I read it back now, I still think it’s funny because, upon refection, my total and utter d*ckheadness and slackness that day is something that I can look back on and smile about.

It was on May Day 2015 when I finally told my friend JC that I had started writing and asked her to read it. That evening I sent her a link to my then Blogger account and an hour or so later she text me to tell me that she thought my posts were funny.  This was and is by far my greatest compliment because in real life I don’t think I am funny.  I am awkward, shy and a bumbling idiot, where as I find JC hilarious, fun-loving and a, now how shall I put this, a social butterfly.  This encouragement was all I needed to admit to the Other Half that I had taken up blogging and that he may appear as a character in my stories.  “Don’t write about me,” was his response and in a year he has yet to read anything I have written.  That’s why encouragement from my little audience is so lovely because it’s not something I really get from home.  He is however, a well liked character in some of my stories because he too, like JC, is incredibly funny, but in a very different way.  If JC is the social butterfly, then rip the wings from it and lock it in a room filled with UFC on TV and packets Tangfantastics strewn all over the floor and you have the Other Half – he is the master of his home and he doesn’t like to leave it. From our day out to a theme park to the time he bought me bed socks as a birthday present and then when he buggered off and left me to go skiing for a week, my partner is a major character in both my life and blog and long may it remain that way, but don’t tell him, okay?

The more I wrote, the more I thought opportunities might present themselves.  Being a member of countless blogging communities, I often read statuses exclaiming that they have been contacted by PRs and major companies. ‘Have you all received the email from The Super Dooper Pram Company?’ (I may have made that name up) they ask.  Excited, I rush to my emails only to be greeted by a spam message telling me that I have received a £10 voucher for Primark if I just click here and fill out a survey, which is the metaphorical equivalent of opening your wallet and a moth flying out. That’s when the self doubt kicks in. I wonder why I don’t receive the emails from the companies and realise that it’s because I am a tiny fish in an immense pond where there will always be bigger and better fish and I have to accept this, move on and write another story about my family and friends as they are my inspirations and not the PR lady who sent me a free bottle of Zoflora disinfectant to review and didn’t even thank me afterwards. ‘Ooh, it smells of cinnamon I cooed’, but the acknowledgment of my writing just didn’t come and I worked hard to make my review fit the story telling niche of my blog.

Last night I took to Twitter and complained about my failure at blogging.  There has been a couple of times where I have received an over whelming response to a post and for an instant I thought I was good, I thought I had this blogging mama sh*t down, but as it turns out, I don’t.  Feeling disheartened, I reached out to my 1000 followers and one person responded. Just one. A fellow blogger called  Mummy’s Writing Darling metaphorically shook some sense into me and sent me a link to a post she had written that day and it inspired me to write this piece celebrating the fact that I have been writing for a year (while totally dropping in links to old posts – have you noticed…), but also admitting that it’s hard.  It’s hard to write sometimes, it’s hard to be original, it’s hard when you have very little time and are knackered from lack of sleep, it’s hard to write funny stories when the only thing I really do on a weekend is mark thirty exercise books, shove clothes into the washing machine and try to empty a Dyson vacuum that contains at least three Peppa Pig socks each time it is emptied. Above all though, it’s bloody hard to be consistent in a space so vast like the Internet – in a space where there exists a plethora of bloggers and PRs who, if you dare sit back, relax and step away from the laptop for a moment, will forget you in an instant. I must come to accept this fact.

Last April, a Facebook message from friend and blogger Educating Roversi inspired me to start writing and the stubborn mule in me won’t stop.  I will continue to write for me; I will continue to document my stories about my children as they are the beating heart of my blog and I will continue to dream of being a mega successful author one day.

And if I do, I will give each of my Facebook followers a £100k each.

That might make my Facebook likes increase…because the Facebook page is a bugger to grow.

Apologies for the self-indulgent reminiscent style post; it is my ‘Blogaversary’ after all!

My beating hearts


15 thoughts on “My Blog Turns One and I’m Not Famous (but that doesn’t matter!)

  1. Aww this is lovely. Look at all the amazing memories you’ve recorded and made. This is what blogging is all about to me. Congratulations lovely xx

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  2. Awww thanks for the mention! I can identify with it. I definitely feel like a little guppy in the sea of blogging and I’ve not written for a couple of weeks because work took over and now I’m wondering what to write about. I’m feeling the pressure to write and tweet so I don’t lose the followers I do have! Maybe I’ll pick up my laptop at Naptime today and get back on it.
    Another great post, and I’ve never found you awkward, just quite funny and lovely! Maybe one day we’ll manage to fit in a play date, cuppa and a chat!

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    • You’re welcome – I like to give you credit because it’s true. I think writing is at the back of my mind all the time and I don’t know if that is enjoyment or the pressure to write for the fear of losing engagement. We’ll meet up after your trip to Oz! X

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  3. Honestly? Just keep on keeping on just as you are. Your niche is you and that’s why I come back to read it time and time again. As somebody who has been happily blogging away in my own little bubble for something like six years now, my advise would be to just carry on as you are. Do this for you! I’m not sure that fame and fortune is all it’s cracked up to be 😉

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  4. I loved your honesty in this. I too have a small Facebook & Twitter account (I think Instagram is getting bigger than Twitter anyway!) and that account is even smaller. I only know one other blogger/writer who is pretty successful – her advice to me was that it doesn’t matter how many post you write or how often, just write when you feel like it… also she has a very normal blog page (not fancy) and still does well. Keep writing, keep sharing please don’t be disheartened when it’s something you love.

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  5. I can relate to this post! I love your blog, congratulations on blogging for a year! x

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  6. I really enjoyed this post and had a read through several of your previous posts, the theme park post was a highlight! I have recently started a blog and love the writing side but find the rest of it so awkward and uncomfortable, I’m just not a self-salesman! I have just become your 395th follower on FB, in my world that’s a pretty impressive number so you are clearly doing something right! X

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    • Thank you, thank you very much. Yes, the day out to Lightwater Valley was a funny day. I need to get my partner out more because he makes for excellent writing material. The self selling part of blogging is awkward you’re right. I just want to hit publish and let it loose on the world. Xxx


  7. This is the first time ive come across your blog (I used to read blogs all the time but I had 3 babies in 3 years and now writing my own is all I can manage so I’m very out of the loop with new blogs!) but already you’ve stood out to me and I’ll be making sure to add you to read list and flick through your posts. You have a flair for writing and are a natural storyteller, that is worth so much more than a fancy schmancy blog design and a zillion Twitter followers.
    And I’ll let you into a big blogging secret – quite honestly, it’s all a load of crap when it comes to pr approaches – there are ways to put yourself in touch with companies and it’s very rare that people will get approached without having made at least some effort to make themselves known to the PR world in the first instance. Of course most will never admit it though.
    Don’t let the number of PR contact emails you get determine your worth as a blogger – it’s far less about your talent and far more about knowing the inside tricks.

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    • Thank you for reading my posts and saying such lovely things. Three babies in three years – wow!! You must be Superwoman. Right now as I type this, I am trying to stop my one year old eating toilet paper – a third child may kill me!!! You’re right – between parenting and working, writing blogs and reading them has to take third place because, as busy parents, we don’t have much time for anything else – that’s why I don’t link up to many ‘linkies’ because I don’t have time to read many other blogs (although I love to.) Thank you again for your kind words and advice. Xxx


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