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Back to School with Wynsors World of Shoes

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The summer holidays, this year, have been fantastic simply because I have been able to spend precious time with my family.  My children have played together brilliantly and we have enjoyed our first family holiday in three years.

And the holidays aren’t over yet.

I know that come the 4th of September, I will be clinging on to the last few hours of summer 2016 with all my might because I just don’t want it to end.  This is for two reasons: the first being that I just want to spend as much time with my family before I return to work in September because once the new term starts, I won’t stop to rest until Christmas.  The second reason is because I will have to come to terms with the fact that my little girl – my first born – will be starting full time school on the 5th of September.  I know she is ready for it; she asks about school almost every day and she is becoming more and more independent by the second.  The question is though: I am ready for it?

Emotionally, I am not ready for it – she’s my baby!

Literally, I am not ready for it because, well, those of you who know me know that I am very disorganised and rather forgetful at times.

As I have been so busy enjoying the summer holidays (see, I am blaming something else for my inadequacies) purchasing back to school essentials for my daughter has fallen by the wayside.  I seriously need to get my act together especially as there is only just over two weeks to go.

That’s when the email landed in my inbox.  The email that might have just saved my bacon and saved me from the sudden rush of panic buys that would no doubt take place in the early days of September.  My daughter and I were invited to Wynsors World of Shoes where we could look at and sample their fantastic Back to School range.

As soon as we walked through the doors, we were greeted by the most friendly staff who immediately complemented my girl on her fancy looking dress.

“We’re going out for dinner,” I explained.  “We wouldn’t ordinarily be this dressed up when looking for school shoes.”

Once our formal attire was made clear, we were shown the Back to School range and what surprised me the most was how extensive it was and it included a number of big brand names such as Kickers and Adidas.

Wynsors Back to School 4

Back to School range – photo courtesy from Wynsors World of Shoes

After looking at the shoes, my daughter was asked to sit down in order to have her feet measured. Wynsors World of Shoes offer a personalised measuring service so once we knew what size shoe we needed, we were asked to pick some shoes we liked.  I decided to take a step back and allow my own ‘Little Miss Independent’ to pick her own.  Spoilt for choice, she chose three pairs including a pair from their Disney Frozen range.  As my daughter tried on her shoes, the lady who was serving us thoroughly checked the fit of each shoe.  Despite all of the shoes being the same size, the fits were very different and in the end, the pair that fit perfectly were a cute patent pair with a love heart pattern.

Wynsors Back to School 2

Personalised measuring service.

Once the shoes were decided upon, we were ushered towards the back of the store where we were greeted with more back to school essentials.  My girl chose a Finding Dory back pack, a Frozen lunch box (Mummy wanted the Finding Dory lunchbox so that everything would match…) and a range of Frozen stationary.  Fantastic!

All the essentials under one roof!

I cannot praise the staff enough to be honest as they made my daughter feel like the most important girl in the world.  Starting school can be a very apprehensive time for both parents and children, so to have the staff at Wynsors World of Shoes in Castleford take a genuine interest in us and offer us a personalised service was wonderful.

This girl looks ready for school, although I am not sure the dress will be allowed.

This is a collaborative piece of writing whereby we were kindly invited to trial Wynsors World of Shoes Back to School range. 

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