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New Season, New Wardrobe…New Me? My Autumnal Wishlist.


Before I had children, my Mum and I would often venture into Leeds every Sunday.  We would park near The West Yorkshire Playhouse (back when parking there was free) and with a hop, skip and a jump past the bus station and deserted market, we would soon be walking through The Victoria Quarter salivating at the clothes we couldn’t afford in Harvey Nichols.  I’ll admit that I miss those Sundays.  Nowadays, my Sundays consist of me wearing jogging bottoms all day, cleaning the house, marking books and having a five year old threaten to (and I quote) ‘kick me in the face’ if I kiss her one more time and a one year old literally using my hair as a rope.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though…

Recently, my Mum and I (accompanied by my five year old) drove into Leeds one Sunday in order to acquaint ourselves with the new John Lewis and Victoria Gate shopping centre and it is fantastic.  However, as we were walking around familiar shopping areas such as Briggate and Commercial Street, the familiarity of my home city was gone and I felt that I just didn’t belong there anymore.  Since having children, my beloved city has changed almost beyond my recognition (in a good way – well, apart from the £25 burger I had at Five Towns…) and it is filled with achingly fashionable men and beautiful young girls with the most perfect of eyebrows (who all – I might add – look the same) and I longed to be home where no one could pass judgement against my jogging bottoms and messy hair.

Also, from home, I can easily plan my transformation from behind the safety net of my computer.  Very rarely do I spend money on myself and very rarely do I have money to spend, but I have found a website that directs you to where all of your favourite brands are in the sale.  Therefore, if I am to venture out this autumn (and with Black Friday waiting around the corner), this is what I want to be seen wearing:

The Uggs

My love affair with Uggs has lasted more than a decade now.  From my first pair of the original tan fur lined Uggs to my current leather biker ones, these boots have been a staple of my winter wardrobe.  My current Ugg boots are about to enter their fifth season and despite hating to admit it, they are starting to look a bit tatty and – dare I say it – dated. Therefore, I would love to own a pair of these Lana Biker Knee Boots because it has been a few years since I had a pair of knee high boots and perhaps even longer since I had a pair of boots I could wear through the day with a heel.  Being five foot eight, I get a little paranoid tottering around in heels during the day, but the heel on these boots is not sky high and I love that it’s chunky which, I imagine, means that they are extremely comfortable and everyone seeks comfort from their Ugg boots.

The Jeans

Those who know me, know I am a jeans and t-shirt girl – so much so that an ex-boyfriend once asked me why I dressed like a fourteen year old boy when I was twenty five.  At thirty five he would still disapprove because jeans (albeit skinny now and not baggy like ten years ago) continue to be a staple in my wardrobe alongside a pair of Adidas Originals or a pair of Converse.  Therefore, the next item on my wishlist would be these Reflector Jeans from Barbour, which are a bargain at £40.  I have to admit that when it comes to looking at Barbour products, I often automatically navigate to their coats, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these very flattering jeans.  I would team these up with my current Stan Smiths, or, if I wanted to my day look to be more dressy, I would try them with the Lana Biker boots.


Reflector Jeans from Barbour

 The Coat

With the cold air really coming in this week, my tatty old grey cardigan just won’t cut it anymore.  In my denial to admit that summer is over, I have been refusing to wear coats and choosing only cardigans or my three year old Jack Wills body warmer.  I have never really been into long flowing colourful coats; I much prefer darker shades and shorter jackets.  I spotted this coat whilst browsing for Converse trainers and it really caught my eye.  I think it looks really comfortable and warm (and I hate being cold) and would look great with a pair of jeans and trainers.  If it made me look like the model in the photograph, well, that would just be an added bonus.


Converse – more than just a trainer company, you know!

The splash of colour

Okay, to almost complete my new autumn casual outfit, I guess I had better add some colour.  With the dark nights coming in early now, I might be guilty of buying too many dark clothes and my new fashion overhaul would go unnoticed.  I saw this jumper in the Ted Baker section of Love the Sales and it immediately caught my eye.  I have been a fan of Ted Baker for years, but tend to only buy their evening wear because it can be a tad expensive for ‘every day’ wear.  However, I thought that this bright pink jumper was a real bargain at almost half of its original price.  Teamed with the biker boots, the jeans and the black Converse jacket, this jumper would be the splash of colour the outfit needs to stand out in a crowd.


Bright enough for you?

The bag

Finally, would any outfit be complete without the show stopping bag?  I find the Harper Satchel extremely classy and I can’t imagine it ever going out of fashion.  It is also quite sizable which means that it could possibly fit in it a couple of packets of baby wipes because no matter where you are and no matter what you’re wearing, if you’re a mum, you will probably find yourself in a situation where you need a baby wipe or five.


The Harper Satchel

The Christmas Do

This is the final one, I promise.  This year, I am attending the ‘Work Christmas Do’ which is a rarity for me because late night drinking and early morning parenting is not a good mix. However, I have signed up, paid for my turkey and now I must find a show stopping outfit. Four years ago, I bought a short, black Ted Baker dress for a winter wedding and it is an outfit I still wear today – I love it.  If it’s not broken, why fix it?  With this in mind, I have gone for Ted Baker again and chosen this Moven Summer Dress in black.  Even though it is called a summer dress, I think it is suitable for winter because of its staple colour: black.  I love it because it is short, (but not too short) and because it has sleeves.  I hate to see bare arms in the winter.  I also hate to see white legs in the winter, so I would wear this with black tights and a pair of killer heels because it’s okay to wear killer heels at the ‘Christmas Do’ even if you’re five foot eight and a thirty-five year old mum of two, right?


Moven Summer Dress

 All the above were sourced from Love The Sales

2 thoughts on “New Season, New Wardrobe…New Me? My Autumnal Wishlist.

  1. Love the Christmas Do dress. Ours will be very informal, in a pub so will probably end up in the usual jeans and a top combo. I have been meaning to update my autumn/winter wardrobe for 2 months now – still only in planning stages. At least kids have got most of the stuff they need 🙂

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