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Erm, Mum Can I Have My Vileda Windomatic Back Please?

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I’m not going to lie.

The Windomatic that Vileda kindly gifted  to me as part of their ‘Vileda Clean’ campaign is at my Mum’s house. And, she won’t give me it back!

“You should see my shower door,” she said. “It’s like new.”

Yes, that’s great, Mum, but I need to review it.

More on that later…

Before handing over the Windomatic to my Mother, I managed to have a go with the product myself. I have spoken previously about how our house looks onto lovely fields and we can see these fields thanks to our huge patio door windows – sounds lovely doesn’t it? And it is lovely, apart from when it comes to cleaning them.  Grubby little hand prints can often be seen reaching half way up the window and when I clean them, there are often streaks left behind because whatever was on the grubby little hands at the time was sticky.

Mum, you going to clean this massive window?

A few weeks ago, I received some special pens to review. What was ‘special’ about these pens was the fact that they can be used to draw on windows – perfect for adding some Christmassy artwork to your windows perhaps?  Me, however, I chose to try and draw Daddy Pig stepping on Mr Skinny Legs in order to try and impress and amuse my little ones.   I was told that with a damp cloth, the pens will wipe off the window. Yeah, they don’t wipe right off.  Ten baby wipes later and the remnants of Daddy Pig were still streaked across my windows.

“No need to panic,” I said as Teaching Dad looked at the mess I had made with disdain. “I’ll use the Windomatic.”

What kind of morons draw on their windows? 🙋

It had been quietly charging in the corner all day – it does need a solid six hour charge – and I quickly put it together, filled up a bucket with warm soapy water and washed the windows. Once finished, I switched on the Windomatic, which works like a vacuum, and sucked away all the water leaving a sparking, streak free and Daddy Pig free  window.
Excited by this, I ran off into the kitchen and quickly washed the conservatory, the kitchen window and the front porch.  Unfortunately, we are getting a bit of mould in the porch but when used with some mildew spray, the Windomatic whizzed it away. When I said ‘quickly’ I really meant it.  I had finished the whole of downstairs within half an hour.  Whether that shows you that my cleaning is somewhat haphazard or whether it shows you how swiftly the Windomatic works, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The following day was when I made a stupid mistake by handing over the Windomatic to my Mum.  Seeing as she is still in possession of the window vacuum, I felt it was only fair that she contributed to this review.  Therefore, I text her and asked her for some quotes:

She was a little angry at a certain high street shop, hence the emojis! She’s happy with the Windomatic though!

As you can see, despite being rather angry that her outdoor Christmas tree has fallen over, she is full of praise for the Windomatic.  I also asked her to send over some picture of her gleaming windows and she has obliged.  However, it just looks like she has sent me a load of pictures of her estate and back garden – I suppose that’s good though isn’t it?  Not a streak in sight!

With Christmas almost upon us, I am going to do a ‘big clean’ before the Big Man himself heads down the chimney.  Only this morning I noticed condensation all over our bathroom window, so that is going to be my next task as the Windomatic promises to rid your windows of condensation, which is the main cause of mould.  Also, seeing as Mum says it made her shower door look like brand new, I am going to use it on ours and all of the mirrors upstairs because they, like the living room window, are also littered with little finger prints and foundation because my youngest thinks it’s okay to stick his fingers in my MAC make-up and wipe it down the full length mirror in my bedroom.

The product itself is extremely light-weight and simple to put together and use.  If you’re planning on using it however, ensure that it is fully charged beforehand.  With a flexible head, the cleaner moves around windows with ease and the water container holds 100ml before it needs emptying.

I would give this product 4.5 stars out of 5.  The Windomatic only loses a star for the amount of time it takes to charge.  However, if you plan in advance to give your windows a good clean, this won’t be a problem.

If I am to have a clean streak-free house by Christmas Eve, I had better get round to my Mum’s…the Vileda thief!


Getting ready to kick some streaky window ass!

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