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Parenting. Can’t Beat the Feeling?

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To be sung loudly to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ – try it, it works!

I get this feeling on my way home,
I get excited right down into my bones.
Driving through my city and past my home,
Work has finished let’s go pick up our children.

I’ve got some chocolate in my pocket,
Got a Fruitshoot at my feet.
That Friday feeling in my body, nothing can top.
Can’t take my eyes up off the road, I’m driving so enthusiastically,
The car unlocks when I stop it and out I rock.

Out near the bikes where you’re not supposed to go,
I spot you hiding and you’re picking your nose.
The teacher wants you to move and I know,
She just wants gin, just wants gin, just wants gin…

Picking my kids up from school makes me dance, dance, dance,
It feels so good, I’ve missed you so let’s dance, dance, dance,
There’s many things you shouldn’t do,
So no time to dance, dance, dance,
Ain’t no daddy home anytime soon, he’s teaching dancing.
You want a third apple peeling?
There’s no chance, chance, chance. Come on!

Ooh, hot tea is magical,
It’s hard to drink when it’s my head he’s sitting on.
He needs no reason, I’ve no control,
Is it too much to ask to have a wee all alone?

He’s got a remote control rocket,
That’s always dropped on my feet,
I feel my blood boil in my body, but then it stops
I can’t take my eyes up off them; they’ve changed my life so drastically,
Their rooms need a lock; some peace would rock, but they’ll strop.

And as the night begins to draw to a close,
We start to wonder if the alcohol will flow,
But, then one kid moves and as parents we know,
There’ll be no gin, be no gin, be no gin.

Nothing that some gin can’t fix; there’s no chance, chance, chance,
Exhaustion’s creeping up on you,
Sleep? No chance, chance, chance
Follow your rules, they should do,
But there’s no chance, chance, chance
Shouldn’t daddy be home soon for some romancing?
There’s food on the ceiling,
No time for romance, mance, mance.
On poo, I’m kneeling,
Yes, there’s a good chance, chance, chance,
Sometimes I’m left reeling,
From just one glance, glance, glance
Parenting is the best feeling,
So we’ll keep dancing.

That Friday feeling in my body;
Even when I’m feeling shoddy,
Wouldn’t swap it with no body
Parenting’s the best hobby.

Can’t beat the feeling!

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