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The Green Eyed Monster

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a minuscule entity that existed deep within most residents that resided there. The entity was dark, twisted and fed off feelings of inferiority and fear. You may call it a parasite because when it latches on, it sucks and it feeds and it grows into something known only as The Green Eyed Monster.

A young princess lived in this faraway land and every day she attended school along with her fellow princes and princesses and she loved it. Now this princess was no angel and she had her flaws, much like all of us. She was known to answer back, sulk, leave her clothes on the floor of every room in the house and she drove her mother mad with her stubborn attitude towards reading. However, despite these imperfections, she knew what it meant to be kind and accepting (more to her school teachers and friends than to her parents) and it was these personality traits that caught the attention of a local King. The princess was told that she was a wonderful role model, someone who could be trusted to look after and care for others and she was offered the role of Town Representative. This important job meant that she would welcome visitors to her fairytale land and show, with pride, the place she called home. She would be a voice to talk to and an ear to listen if any of the town folk needed help, advice and a friend.

Rushing home from school that evening, and being careful not to trip on her dress train, the princess dashed into her mother’s arms as she shared with her the news she was so proud of. Tears welled in her mother’s eyes and she congratulated her daughter. The mother, seeing an opportunity, seized it and told her daughter to go upstairs and read her reading book because that’s what a good Town Representative would do.

“No!” was the princess’ reply.

See, I did tell you she was no angel.

The sense of pride inside the princess’ heart withered like a poisoned apple the following day. She was taunted by some other princes and princesses who weren’t given the Town Representative role this time round. One even threatened to tell the King about the princess’ imperfections so that the role would no longer be hers.

The parasite growing slowly inside the children’s bellies giggled. How it thrived on jealousy.

With the weight of the world laying heavy on her shoulders, the princess cried in her mother’s arms.

“They told me I didn’t deserve It, they said I would be rubbish.”

Now, the mother, knowing that there’s two sides to every story, (she is penning this masterpiece at the moment) simply responded with:

“They’re jealous, darling, that’s all.”

She explained about The Green Eyed Monster and how she too had suffered from it on more than one occasion. She once envied someone who was nominated for an award when she wasn’t; she once lusted after beauty and youth when hers were lacking and she was jealous of those with money who looked to be living their best lives every single day.

“How did you slay the monster, Mummy?” the princess asked.

“That’s easy, my dear. You simply kill it with kindness. You pay compliments, you acknowledge when someone has achieved something fantastic, you congratulate, you accept other’s beliefs and you truly believe everyone to be beautiful.”

The princess’ growing smile faltered a little.

“What if The Green Eyed Monster grows in me someday?”

“It may well try but as long as you accept that in this little far away land of ours, there will be someone who may be able to sing more melodious than you, dance more coordinated than you, solve maths equations quicker than you and achieve their dreams before you, you’ll be okay. If you welcome this, embrace this and tell others how freaking awesome they are, then I don’t think your monster will dare raise its ugly head.”

The princess smiled and told her mother that she couldn’t wait to be the Town Representative.”

“Now, go and read your book because you don’t want to have someone bragging that they’re a better reader than you.”

“Ha, Mum! Good try but no.”

Be kind and remind someone every day that they’re kickass.

Absolutely 100% not based on a true story…)