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Caketoppers – A Review

Stupidly, at the beginning of March, I agreed to a ‘Dechox’ along with my colleagues in the English Department.  I won’t lie: I love chocolate.  However, I also believe in giving to charities and the ‘Dechox’ is being observed in order to raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

A few days passed and I was beginning to get a little bored of eating crisps with my nightly cup of tea.  Crisps just don’t cut it when it comes to dunking treats into your cuppa.  Thankfully, I received an email from Caketoppers – a company that makes, bakes and creates personalised cakes and cupcakes – asking me if I would like to try two of their personalised cup cakes.

Erm…yes please!

Was I going to feel guilty or a least a little weirded out at the thought of eating two cup cakes that had my children’s faces decorated on them?


Immediately, I replied and the following week I received a note in the post.

There had been an attempt to deliver the cupcakes, but they were being held at my local post office, which I wouldn’t be able to reach until the evening of the following night.

They’ll be ruined, I thought.

But, they weren’t!  The following evening, after I had picked up my package, I opened the cakes to find that they were each individually wrapped with one featuring a picture of my son and the other had my daughter’s grinning face on it.

However, there was a problem…one of them was chocolate.

With this in mind, my daughter and I shared the sponge cake cupcake and my son and Daddy shared the chocolate cake.

I thought the cupcakes would have been going stale due to being packed away in a Post Office all night, but I couldn’t be more wrong.  The sponge was soft and springy and the icing (my favourite bit) as gooey and thick.

We all really enjoyed them and their a great idea for a simple personalised gift.

So, if you’re after something a bit quirky or if, like me, you can’t eat chocolate for the foreseeable future (well, until the 1st April), you should give Caketoppers a try!