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Marigold Cleaning Products

When Teaching Dad decided to go away for a whole week during the half-term holidays leaving me behind to look after our two children on my own, the first thing I thought was: I have got to clean the house.

I tell a lie – but you knew that didn’t you?

However, after a chaotic week of chasing the children around the house, arts and crafts, cooking, spilled drinks, marking endless assessments and even purchasing my wedding dress, the house was in need of a good clean.  I wanted it to be sparkling for when Teaching Dad returned home.

I was kindly gifted a number of cleaning products from Marigold who are celebrating their 70th birthday this year. Who knew that the iconic yellow rubber gloves were so old?

The first item I used was the ‘Cleaning me Softly’ wash ups (I don’t think that’s the technical name, but it’s our name for them) that I used for…washing up!  Now you can see the genius behind the name.  I found that the wash ups lasted a lot longer than ordinary supermarket ones because the scourer was very durable and easily rid the dishes of those stubborn Weetabix stains that cling to the bowls that should have been washed up in the morning after breakfast, but are instead left until dinner time…

Secondly, I used the ‘Thirsty Sponge’ for giving the bathroom a good clean.  Having young children means that bath time can be very messy and very wet.  I like to give the bath a quick clean before the children get in and the sponge is perfect for getting rid of that grime that can build up on baths.  After the kids have created their bath tsunamis, the sponge can be used to soak up any excess water that may be on the floor, the mirror, the walls, the light bulbs…

The ‘Wiper Upper’ I used to clean the hob and kitchen sink.  Like the Thirsty Sponge, it was good to soak up any excess water left over from the washing up and any grease left over from cooking fish fingers, chicken dippers and chips, which was the kids’ staple diet while Teaching Dad was away as he is the cook of the family.

Teaching Dad arrived home from Austria to a sparkling home.  Our children had been confined to the sofas to wait for him to come home.  Five minutes after he walked through the door, the house was, once again, in a state of disarray because the ‘fun’ (some would say messy) parent was finally home.  Nothing ever stays clean in our house for long, so it’s a good job that Marigold has got my back.